Shopware 6 Integration

Did anyone manage to connect Shopware 6 and xental (products and orders sync) using the official extension?

Also, at the moment there is a message on shopware store "This app will no longer be maintained". Can someone enlighten us on what is happening?




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Hello Torsten,

thanks for your post in our community.

I will find out why the message "This app will no longer be maintained" is shown here. But you can also connect Shopware 6 and xentral via our interface as it is described here. Please open a ticket if any problems occur there.

Greetings from Augsburg

Leonie, Junior Customer Success Manager

Hello Torsten,

the xentral Business Booster app is still maintained.

It only serves to establish the connection between Shopware and xentral. If that doesn't work via the app, you can do it via the normal interface and report in a ticket if you get stuck at any point.

Greetings from Augsburg

Leonie, Junior Customer Success Manager


Lets check JTL Wawi or Invoice Ninja

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We’re setting up our new Shopware 6 shop. We sucessfully using the xentral Shopware 6 API with the latest Shopware 6 ( release.

At first we tried the Xentral Booster App as well, wich worked flawless. But dropped that, because Xentral doesn’t concentrate on the development of the Booster App at the moment.

Xentral told us earlier, that the booster app and the API using the same principles. That means you can use both, but don’t have to. I’d alwas recommend to use a native API rather through an app.

Xentral’s API module works fine. You can give ot a try without any worries.