Shopware6 images export and orders problem

  • 12 October 2021
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Hi, I seem to have very weird issue when exporting articles into Shopware . Every field is being sent to the shop (Article name , id , stock , price etc..) except images . No error reporting and transfer of the article is marked "success" . In Xentral everything seems to be fine , images are uploaded , visible and binded to article . I tried adding images trough dateibrowser as well as adding them directly to the article . Also tried changing permissions and ownership but nothing seems to work . Whats even more confusing , it worked fine couple of weeks ago and if try to transfer those articles which already have those images loaded , it works .But if I add new image to the same article , nothing . It looks like it cannot access media folder of shopware or something . Any ideas ? Also , when importing orders back to Xentral ,as I understood , it should automatically change order status in shopware to "in pogress" ? I have problem as orders stay "open" in shopware even if I close them in Xentral , same thing with shipping . 

Thank You , 

1 Antwort

Hello Ahmed,thank you for reaching out to the community!Unless this is a new issue we aren't currently aware of, this was already fixed in newer versions of Shopware 6.If you already are on the latest version of Shopware 6 in xentral, please reach out to our support via ticket, so that we can have a closer look.Best regards,your xentral-team