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  • 18 September 2023
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Hi everyone, 

We have created a few custom fields for the customer (Adresse). The get API call also returns those fields in the result as an array of “FreeFields” but I am looking for a way to add the data to those fields while creating a new customer too. I tried passing those as an array with the field name “FreeFields” but it returns the error regarding payload validation with the message "Unexpected keys `freeFields`."

The API documentation gives the idea about freeFields for products but not about customers. 

Could anyone possibly please point me in the right direction?





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Hello @Nirmeen Yousuf 

which API are you using ?

  1. Legacy Standard-API 
  2. Legacy REST-API
  3. New REST-API 

For our legacy APIs you can send the key <freifeldX> and the data while creating or updating a customer.

Notice that X should be replaced by the corresponding number. 


curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/xml;charset=utf-8' \
--header 'Accept: {{HEADER_ACCEPT}}' \
--data '<xml>
<name>Max Mustermann</name>
<strasse>Musterstrasse 3</strasse>


Hi @Pau Ferrandiz,

I am using the new Rest-API:

Could you please give me an idea how to achieve this in new REST-API?


Best Regards,

Nirmeen Yousuf

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Hi @Nirmeen Yousuf 

this functionality is not available in the new REST-API yet. 

You can ask for this via our Roadmap by submitting an idea. 

Please take into consideration that our new REST API is currently under development and therefore subject to constant change. Changes and missing functions are to be expected still.