How to retreive orders "if modified since" via the API

  • 19 January 2024
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If this is answered elsewhere, my appologies: Ich verstehe Deutsch ziemlich viel, aber sprechen nur wenig.


We’re evaluating if the Xentral API can be used for shipping in order to connect a Xentral customer to a 3PL (third party logistics provider). However, we would like to be able to list all “new” sales orders for shipping, i.e. orders that are released and ready for shipping. So:

  • Is there any way to list released sales orders “if modified since” or “if released since”?

I’m aware that I can filter on the sales order date, but it’s still a bit blunt: I’m assuming the order date is not the release date (and that an order can be created with a prior date), in which case we would need to read all orders anyway.

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Hey @larsNilsson ,

I hope you don’t mind, if I answer you in English :) 

You basically have two different options here:
On the one hand you could connect a 3PL (third party logistics) via API to the delivery notes (Lieferscheine). As a consequence the order status indicator (Auftragsampel) would work for the creation of the delivery notes. If the status for picking and is enabled and send after the import of trackings, open delivery notes could be identified.

On the other hand, and this would be the easier and more straight forward approach in my opinion, you could just use the Transmission module as it automatically filters out already send vouchers anyways.



HI @Dennis Bernhardt, thanks for the answer. I think I need to go in and familiarize myself a bit more with the product and not just the API :-)

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Hi @larsNilsson ,

I agree with Dennis about the approach. The best way would be to work with already created delivery notes in Xentral. Otherwise you have to make sure that the traffic symbols are all green.

This can be used by using additional filters as described here:

If you want to work with orders, I would recommend to get an idea of the crucial column/field names in the order table to see what orders are ready to ship and which not.

You can have a look on the database via xentral module “datebase viewer”. Search for “auftrag”.

Crucial field name are e.g. “autoversand_ok”, “lager_ok”.